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The Oaxaca Lending Library has started a fundraising campaign to, as the title suggests "Ensuring our Future". The OLL has by no means been immune from the affects of the pandemic. Fortunately, the OLL's reserves have allowed us to remain financially healthy. That being said, especially now, with the advent of the Delta variant, the future is not totally predictable.

Our Goal

The ENSURING OUR FUTURE fundraising campaigns goal is to raise $1.5 M pesos to continue to support the building, the staff, the collection and community.

The Oaxaca Lending Library is a survivor. We have survived a bombing, earthquakes, political unrest, fluctuations in tourism, and now the pandemic.

To Ensure Our Future we need to replenish our fund.

Why give to oll

Why give to the OLL as one of numerous socially responsible organizations in Oaxaca?

·         The OLL partners with local Mexican organizations, such as schools, providing free memberships to their English teachers and students.

·         It offers critical services to ex-pats, such as a file of family/other contacts in case someone is unable to speak for themselves.  

·         It contributes to the community by publicizing other NGO organizations in its newsletter and website, in addition to offering materials in Spanish and English.

·         It serves as a community center for networking and making new friends for visitors, ex-pat residents and Oaxaqueños.

·         The OLL has offered an annual networking event for local NGOs and hopes to resume this when feasible. This event has resulted in donations and volunteers for these NGOs.

Thus the OLL sets an example for cooperation, and not competition, with other NGOs.

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Our future is
about our values

 As we move forward,  OUR FUTURE IS ABOUT OUR VALUES

  • Keeping the staff fully employed and healthy

  • Staying centrally located

  • Ensuring accessibility for our patrons and our collections

  • Being ready to resume community activities a such as intercambios, lectures and tours.

  • Maintaining a living collection of bookss and medial in English and Spanish

  • Support Oaxacan NGOs and serve as a point of mutual cooperation

  • Continuing to serve the community beyond our 52 years.

We Adapted

So what has the OLL be doing since the start of the pandemic?

  • As the pandemic gained momentum, the OLL and all other non-essential services in Oaxaca were forced to close. The OLL remained closed from March 2020 until September 2020. 

  • All educational events, speaking engagements, hikes and other outings were cancelled.

  • The OLL continued to pay rent, to pay staff their full wages and kept up with all operating expenses. 

  • The OLL was able to opened for limited services starting in September 2021 the OLL was able to open in a limited way. This allowed reserving books in advance, and then picking up/returning books at the entrance. Later, we were able to permit some limited browsing within the library using
    government and OLL board-approved protocols for safety. We look forward to expanding access even more.”

  • The OLL, to be as safe as possible, was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We invested in several ceiling fans, 2 HEPA filters, a high volume fan, and a plastic separator at the circulation desk. 

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Contributions are urgently needed! If it works better for your budget, you can divide you donation into
monthly installments rather than a lump sum.

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For donors wishing a U.S. tax deduction , click on the Donate button below or scan the QR code to pay with your phone. Payment in US$

For all others donors, pay by Credit Card or Paypal, click below and select your contribution amount in peso (MXN). There are approx. 20 MXN to 1 US$, and 16 MXN to the CAN$. 

For more information about the fundraiser email: