Four Ways to Give

We rely on the generosity of our friends and members.

Income from membership covers only a small part of our annual expenses.

The Library operates with the support of over 100 volunteers.

In Cash

  • Writing a check made out to Oaxaca Lending Library Foundation and mailed to OLLF c/o James Corrigan, 5443 Drover Drive, San Diego, CA 92115. 

  • Use PayPal - click on the "Give Today" button right over there --->

  • Leave your donation at the Library at the Front Desk.  Please indicate that the donation is intended for Oaxaca Lending Library Foundation.

  • If you wish to set up a direct deposit, or recurring deposit, e-mail the amount and your intent to the Treasurer of the Foundation, Doug Harmon, at

In Posterity

  • Over the years some members have bequeathed ​a part of their estate to the OLL. This is reasonably easy to do. Please contact the current President for details on how to have your love for reading and community live on in posterity.

In Kind

  • Bring us a book of DVD from our current Wish List! 

  • Books and DVDs can be left by the front desk. 

  • Items for our quarterly BAZAR can be left in the box marked for this purpose.

  • Check our Renovations Updates, we are often looking for items to enhance our space

In Time

  • The Volunteer page includes a list of different volunteer roles and current availability.

  • At the Front Desk is a book called "Small Jobs, Big People" and has a list of small things that take a small bit of time but help a whole lot.

  • Consider serving on a committee  - books, building, events, technology, volunteer - we probably have a spot waiting for your skills.

  • Our Board Members serve three year terms. Consider giving your time and energy as an OLL Board Member. Ask a board member about this year's nominating committee.

Pino Suarez 519

Oaxaca, Oax. Mexico 68000

(951) 518-7077

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