Welcome To Hoofing It In Oaxaca!

Since 2011 a series of weekly hikes has been offered November through March (with the exception of the 2020/2021 season due to Covid), which afford visitors a chance to get out into the countryside for some fresh air and exercise, and to see things they might not otherwise have a chance to enjoy. 

The program features a variety of day hikes in the Oaxaca Valley and in the surrounding mountains. There are also a number of special weekend overnight trips to ecotourism camps in the Sierra Norte. 


We encourage you to visit the hiking web site at http://www.hoofingitinoaxaca.com/ for comprehensive information about the program.

Advance reservations are required and can be made in person at the circulation desk at the Lending Library or online by clicking the "Reserve" button below.

All hikes depart on time from the Oaxaca Lending Library.

Click here for the tentative Hoofing it in Oaxaca hiking schedule.

Pending Post Covid approval by the OLL Board of Directors.