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Mezcal in the Global Spirits Market: Unrivalled Complexity, Innumerable Nuances,by Alvin Starkman

The only English language book which discusses why mezcal has the potential to unseat tequila and compete with spirits like scotch whisky, largely because of the number of nuances that can be achieved through its distillation.  The book deals with terroir, recipes passed down through generations, agave species and differences in distillation processes, all impacting aroma and flavor.  Available locally in Oaxaca.

Viva Oaxaca: An Insider's Guide to Oaxaca's Charms, by Jo Ann Wexler and Robert Adler
Viva Oaxaca  is the guidebook that we wish had been available before our first trip to Oaxaca. It’s the perfect guide for first-time visitors, and it provides in-depth information for repeat visitors as well. It's packed with useful and insightful information about the city of Oaxaca and its surroundings. OLL call number: 972.7A.  Available from your favorite bookstore or online vendor and in Oaxaca at Amate Books.
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