The Oaxaca Lending Library depends on memberships in order to operate as a library and community resource. We do not receive private grants or public funding. While the library is closed right now due to COVID, we are committed to surviving this crisis with our staff paid, our rent paid, and our hearts waiting to see each other again. Please consider renewing your membership at the highest level that you can afford to help us with our ongoing commitments.

Although your membership with the OLL entitles you to check out books, audiobooks and DVDs, attend events, hikes and outings at reduced rates, it also means so much more. Your membership means you believe in the contribution the OLL makes to Oaxaca, its visitors as well as its residents. Whatever language you speak, no matter the language you read in, and regardless of the time you spend in Oaxaca, your membership is your way of ensuring the OLL continues to serve the community in so many ways. Thank you.

Children, Student and English Teacher memberships may only be renewed in person at the Circulation Desk due to identification requirements.