Out & About: Zaachila & Cuilapam - Thursday, 9 January 2020

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Archeological Ruins of Zaachila and Cuilapam -- Thu / 9 Jan 2020 / 9 am to 4 pm/Limit 38

Oaxaca archeologist Dr. Robert Markens will give a fascinating tour of the archeological ruins

in Zaachila, located just a block from the town center. The tomb of Lord Nine Flower was

excavated in the mid-1960’s and yielded many exquisite treasures. Then the group will move

on to the nearby town of Cuilapam, where the grand ruins of the never-completed Dominican

monastery can be explored. Dr. Markens will take the group through the monastery cloister,

where artifacts from archeological sites around Oaxaca are brought to be cleaned, catalogued

and preserved. There will be an admission charge of 45 pesos per person at both Zaachila

and Cuilapam. The group will enjoy an incredible buffet lunch at the Hacienda Cuilapam after

the tour. (Note: tour price does not include the cost of lunch, which will be about 200 pesos for

food & drink.)

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