OLL Policies

Statement of Civility
Declaración de civilidad

Respect for the rights of others is peace – Benito Juárez Oaxaca Lending Library Statement on Civility The Oaxaca Lending Library values civil and courteous behavior. A basic building block of our community is respectful and civil behavior toward one another, without regard for race or ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religion/spirituality/lack thereof, marital status or physical ability. In order to create and maintain a positive social and intellectual atmosphere within the OLL and at its various events, the board of directors has established a code of behavior and a Guideline for civility.

1. Code of behavior

  • While it is understood that disagreements will occasionally occur, those who access the library and attend its events should be free from incivility or harassment; as well as from insulting, disrespectful or humiliating language/actions.

  • The OLL staff, its board of directors, volunteers, and patrons who witness behavior that does not comply with the OLL Statement on Civility, will respectfully ask violators to continue their conversation outside of the library or library event.

2. Behavioral Guidelines for Civility

  • Speak in a respectful and civil manner, i.e, attention to volume, tone and word choice that is free from vulgarity, bigotry, hostility, oppression and hatred.

  • Respect the privacy of others, i.e., malicious gossip or violation of privacy (eg., publicly sharing others’ health or financial issues) is not condoned.

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz – Benito Juárez Declaración de civilidad de la Biblioteca de préstamo de Oaxaca La Biblioteca valora el comportamiento civilizado y cortés dentro de sus instalaciones. Una parte fundamental y básica de nuestra comunidad son el respeto y el comportamiento civilizado hacia los demás, sin importar raza o etnia, edad, género, orientación sexual, creencia política, religión/espiritualidad o falta de ella, estado civil o capacidades físicas. Con el fin de crear y mantener una atmósfera social e intelectual positiva dentro de OLL, y en sus diversos eventos, la junta de directores ha establecido un código de comportamiento y una guía de civilidad. 1. Código de comportamiento  Si bien se entiende que pueden ocurrir desacuerdos ocasionalmente, las personas que tienen acceso a la biblioteca y a sus eventos deben de estar libres de actos incivilizados o acoso; al igual que de insultos, y de lenguaje o acciones irrespetuosas o humillantes.  El personal de OLL, la junta de directores, voluntarios y clientes que presencien algún comportamiento que no cumpla con la Declaración de Civilidad de OLL, les pedirán respetuosamente a las personas que violen dicha Declaración que continúen su discusión fuera de la biblioteca o del evento. 2. Guía de Comportamiento Civilizado  Hablar de una manera civilizada y respetuosa, es decir, cuidar que el volumen, el tono y las palabras usadas estén libres de vulgaridades, intolerancia, hostilidad, opresión y odio.  Respetar la privacidad de los demás, es decir, chismes malintencionados o violación a la privacidad (por ejemplo, compartir públicamente asuntos de salud o financieros de otras personas)

Smoking Policy

The Library is a smoke free environment. The ban on smoking extends to the long drive leading into the library proper.

Norma acerca de fumar

La Biblioteca es un lugar libre del humo de tabaco. La prohibición se extiende también al área de estacionamiento o entrada a la biblioteca.

Pet Policy

Nice dogs are permitted in the library, but owners asked to keep them on leashes and under control at all times. If you’d like to feed and water your dog while at the library, please bring in the dog’s own bowl. We’d be glad to save it for you in an area separate from humanoid bowls.

Normas con respecto a mascotas

Los perros amables están permitidos en la biblioteca, pero se les pide a sus dueños mantenerlos con sus correas y bajo control en todo momento. Si desea alimentar o darle agua a su perro en la biblioteca, favor de traer consigo su propio tazón. Con gusto se lo guardaremos en un lugar separado del de las personas.

Computer Usage Policy
Norma para el uso
de computadoras
  1. WIFI is free and accessible to anyone who brings in a laptop. The network continues to be secured.

  2. Use of the computers in our cluster is free, however, users must sign in and sign out at the front desk.

  1. El WIFI es gratuito y está disponible para cualquiera que traiga una laptop. La red es segura. 

  2. El uso de nuestras computadoras es gratis, sin embargo, los usuarios deben registrar su entrada y su salida en la recepción.

Collection Development Policy

Oaxaca Lending Library Collection Development Policy

Who We Are

 The Oaxaca Lending Library was founded in 1966 and is one of the oldest continuously operating English language libraries in Mexico. We have a collection of more than 20,000 books and over 450 members, who live in, or visit, the greater high central valley of Oaxaca.


Our mission is to be a living library serving the English-speaking community in Oaxaca while supporting and encouraging an interest in reading in the bilingual and Spanish speaking community. As a living library, we assist patrons in their pursuit of information, education, and entertainment, and encourage an interest in reading among children and youth.

Goals of Collection Development Policy

The goal of this policy is to guide collection and withdrawal selections of the library in order to ensure a diverse collection of materials for all age groups based on the community we serve.


Under the direction of the Library Board of Directors, the library book committee will work with other volunteers and key staff to carry out the policy outlined here.

General Principles

1. Library Bill of Rights: Basic to this policy is the library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association. The bill of rights affirms that all libraries are repositories for information and ideas, and that all points of view on current and historical issues are presented within the limits of funding.

2. Links to Other Libraries: Given our limited space and budget, we encourage links to local specialty libraries and electronic resources to augment our collection to further our patrons’ rights to access.

3. Collection Criteria: Recognizing we cannot meet all needs; the following criteria are used to aid selection and withdrawal of materials:


  • · Popular interest

  • · Local importance

  • · Cost and availability

  • · Accuracy and currency of information

  • · Relationship to existing materials in the collection

  • · Attention of critics and reviewers

  • · Patron demand

  • · Format and ease of use

  • · Readability or ability to sustain interest

  • · Historical value

  • · Filling in a holes in popular series


What We Collect


  • · Popular English reading materials

  • · Mexican travel, history, art, and archeology, with an emphasis on Oaxaca

  • · Non-fiction

  • · Biography

  • · English and Spanish children’s picture books

  • · English and Spanish juvenile literature

  • · Limited adult Spanish reading materials

  • · Limited hard copy reference materials

  • · Links to online reference materials

  • · DVDs and audio books

  • · Magazines

  • · Electronic media (Note: We will continue to explore ownership and lending use of electronic media such as on-line data bases, electronic readers, magazines, and electronic resource access)


What We Don’t Collect


  • · Text books, with the exception of Spanish and English language learning

  • · Workbooks or curricular materials

  • · Music

  • · Religious materials, with the exception of key texts in the major religions of the world


Withdrawal of Materials

Maintenance of the collection is a process of routine re-evaluation to ensure usefulness and relevancy of materials to our patrons. Replacement is not automatic. Withdrawals, and donations that cannot be added to the collection, are first offered for sale to the public. If not purchased in a timely manner, unsold books are then offered free to the public.

Evaluation criteria for withdrawal include:


  • · Obsolescence: subject matter is no longer timely, accurate, or relevant

  • · Damage or poor condition

  • · Insufficient use

  • · Redundancy in the collection

  • · Space limitations



The library material purchase budget is limited. We largely rely on donated materials and targeted gifts from benefactors. Our policy regarding collection gifts include:

  • · Retaining sole ownership of all gifts

  • · Deciding on the use or disposition of the gift to best meet our general collection principles

  • · Reserving the right to decide on the conditions of display, housing, and access to the materials

Responsibility for Children’s Reading Habits

The selection of materials for the adult collection is not restricted by the possibility that children may obtain them. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the selection of reading materials and electronic viewing habits of children.


Oaxaca Lending Library Collection Development Policy March 2011

Use of Facility

Oaxaca Lending Library Use of Facility Policy In keeping with the Oaxacan Lending Library´s goal of fostering a sense of community in a welcoming environment, spaces in the OLL are available for use by community and non-profit groups and clubs for informational, educational, cultural and entertainment gatherings and programs when not needed for library purposes. Use is granted on equal terms to all, provided that the group complies with the policy guidelines as stated. The OLL reserves the right to deny use based on the availability of space, staff coverage, and frequency of use.

Requests for use are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the following procedures and guidelines: 

  • Meeting areas are available during the library’s regular service hours. 

  • Private social events (parties, bridal showers, weddings) are not permitted. 

  • The OLL does not supply any materials for meetings. 

  • All persons attending meetings are subject to the Oaxaca Lending Library Statement on Civility. 

  • For each meeting or program, participants are requested to make a 20 peso per person donation to the OLL to defray the costs of the use of the space. 

  • If the organization or group pays for an instructor/facilitator, that fee is the group’s responsibility, separate from the 20 peso per person requested donation to the OLL. 

  • Fees will only be waived by the authority of the President of the OLL. 

  • Information about the meeting/event will be available in the regular OLL update if there is sufficient advance notice. 

  • Children and Minors must be supervised at all times by the adult(s) responsible for the room/area reservation. Tables and chairs may be rearranged for meetings, but the area/space must be returned to its original condition afterwards. The area will be swept and excessive rubbish must be removed from the OLL. 

  • The OLL is not responsible for damage or loss of property of meeting organizers or their attendees. 

  • If there is any damage to any room or equipment that necessitates professional cleaning or repairs, the group members/participants will be held responsible for all associated costs.

Approved by the Oaxaca Lending Library Board of Directors on 11 of August, 2016

Norma para uso
de las instalaciones

Biblioteca circular de Oaxaca

Norma para uso de las Instalaciones

Con el fin de mantener el fomento de sentido de comunidad en un ambiente acogedor en la Biblioteca circular de Oaxaca (OLL), los espacios en la OLL están disponibles para su uso tanto para la comunidad como para grupos o clubes ya sea para reuniones y programas informativos, educacionales, culturales y de entretenimiento cuando no estén ocupadas por la biblioteca. El uso de las instalaciones será concedido igualmente a cualquiera siempre y cuando el grupo cumpla con las normas establecidas. La OLL se reserva el derecho a negar su uso de acuerdo a la disponibilidad de espacio, cobertura de personal y frecuencia de uso. Los requisitos para su uso serán considerados en base a su orden de llegada, y sujetos a los siguientes procedimientos y directrices:

  • Las áreas de reunión estarán disponibles durante el horario regular de la biblioteca.

  • No están permitidos los eventos sociales privados (fiestas, bodas, etc.)

  • La OLL no proporciona ningún material para las reuniones.

  • Todas las personas que atiendan las reuniones estarán sujetas a la Declaración de Civilidad de la Biblioteca.

  • Por cada reunión o programa, los participantes harán una donación de 20 pesos por persona para sufragar los costos del uso del espacio.

  • Si la organización o grupo contrata un instructor o facilitador, el pago es responsablididad del grupo, independientemente de la donación de 20 pesos por persona para la OLL.

  • Los pagos serán cedidos sólo con la autorización del Presidente de la OLL.

  • La información del encuentro o evento estará disponible en la actualización regular de la OLL siempre y cuando se haga aviso con suficiente anticipación.

  • Los niños y menores estarán supervisados todo el tiempo por el adulto(s) responsable del área o sitio reservado. Las mesas y sillas pueden ser acomodadas para las reuniones, pero serán puestas como estaban colocadas originalmente después. El área tendrá que ser barrida y la basura sacada de la OLL.

  • La OLL no se hace responsable de daños o pérdidas de propiedades de los organizadores o de los asistentes. Si existe algún daño en algún sitio o equipo de la OLL que necesite limpieza o reparación profesional, los miembros o participantes del grupo serán responsables de todos los costos incluidos.

Aprobado por la Junta de Directores de la Biblioteca Circular de Oaxaca el 11 de Agosto, 2016

Use of Space - Main Salon & Terrace

Oaxaca Lending Library Use of Space Policy – Main Salon and Terrace Final Effective Date: October 10, 2019

Purpose: The Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) offers space for individuals and community organizations who wish to provide a forum for activities in line with the Library Mission Statement.

Any questions regarding interpretation of this policy shall be referred to the Library Manager. Board & Staff Guidelines: Any request for the use of OLL space for a non-OLL sponsored event must:

  • Not interfere with an already existing activity

  • Clearly outline how it aligns with the Mission Statement

  • Must be sponsored by a Board member

  • Must not be a for-profit endeavor

  • Have a written Use of Space agreement

  • Be included on the OLL Calendar of Events

  • Not require the purchase or rental of special equipment to accommodate the activity


Policy Guidelines:

1. The Library always has first priority to schedule use of the facilities.

2. Programs that advocate religious or political views are not allowed.

3. Use of the library space does not constitute library endorsement of the philosophies, practices or viewpoints of the meeting participants. -




1. Individuals or groups using the space must use and clearly display the following statement in all publicity for their event: “This event is not sponsored by the Oaxaca Lending Library.”

2. Attendance at programs held in the Library’s spaces are limited as follows:

  • Main salon: 52 people seated in auditorium style or 100 people standing.

  • Terrace to the north of the staircase: 32 seated at tables

  • Terrace to the south of the staircase: 24 seated at tables

  • Terrace by the Libros Para Pueblos office: 40 people seated at tables v. 100 people standing for the whole terrace.

  • For any activity where participants will not be seated at tables, auditorium style or standing, please outline the maximum number of participants in the individual Use of Space Agreement considering evacuation and safety concerns.

3. Third party organizations wishing to use any OLL space as a collection point for non-cash donations must get permission from the Library Manager. Space is granted depending on availability and that the donated items will be picked up regularly.

  • The OLL cannot be a collection point for cash donations, however cash donations can be received by a representative present at the OLL.

3. The Library’s spaces are available for use during library hours. After hours use is not available for non-Library sponsored events.

4. Fee Guidelines: - For one time use of a space a one-time donation of 15% of funds raised is the recommended donation. -

  • For Club Meetings (Bridge, Mah-jong, Mexican Train Dominos, etc.) a donation of $10 pesos for OLL members and $20 pesos for non-members per person donation fee applies

  • Member and non-member participation must be tracked and submitted with the donation.

  • For meetings of groups whose intent is ultimately support of the extended Oaxaca community no donation fee applies. If the intent of the group changes, fees may apply.

  • For a meeting space for the purposes of for-profit business on an individual basis (teaching, tutoring, immigration services, small ) where the meeting is longer than 30 minutes, free use can be enjoyed if at least one party is a member of the OLL or have an annual advertisement in the e-blast for the same services.

  • Space will be limited to one table on the terrace or in the main salon. 8. For all use of space occurrences, the agreed donation contribution must be submitted to the Circulation Desk after each event with the tracking sheet. 9. The meeting spaces are part of the library facility and as such are under the supervision of the library staff and volunteers. Groups using the space will be afforded as much privacy as possible; however, library staff & patrons reserve the right to enter as necessary. 10. The setup of the space is the responsibility of the user(s); these spaces must be put back to their original arrangement (or a different arrangement if requested); and all spaces must be vacated at the agreed time. 11. Cancellations must be made 14 days in advance by all parties. 12. All OLL policies apply in all instances (Statement of Civity, Smoking, Pet, etc.). 13. Groups are responsible for bringing their own supplies and will not ask library staff to provide needed supplies. 14. OLL Spaces (Bodegas, closets, stairwells, etc.) are for the explicit use of the OLL. Arrangements to leave items at the OLL must be discussed and agreed either at the onset of the agreement for the Use of Space or subsequently with the Library Manager. 15. Loud talking or other loud sources of noise are not allowed to extend beyond the meeting space. CD players, microphones, and other electronic devices may be used, but the sound must be contained within the reserved spaces. 16. Food and drinks are allowed for an individual or to share with the group. No outside catering is permitted. 17. If an individual or organization does not comply with this Use of Space Policy, Library staff or the Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any existing reservation or deny use in the future. 18. All complaints must be addressed in writing to the Library Manager referencing the breach of the specific clause in this policy.


OLL Procedure for Special Events Revised 2019


An OLL “Special Event” is typically a single event not included in the OLL’s regular schedule but that uses one or more resources of the OLL. It may be repeated over time; for example, the OLL has hosted an annual boutique for the past several years. In the past special events have included, but are not necessarily limited to: fund-raising bazaars and boutiques, other types of fundraisers, expos, as well as recognition and social events.


  1. A special event may be proposed by any OLL member.


  1. It must meet the same criteria as any other OLL event or sponsored activity, i.e. it is in accordance with the mission statement of the OLL.


3.  It must be approved by the Board in advance of any OLL resources used. In order to be considered for approval, a proposal for a special event must be submitted to the Board at least one week before its next regular meeting and include the following information:

- Purpose and description of the event, as well as the targeted audience

- Coordinator of the event, including email and phone

- Library resources planned/needed, e.g. finance, scheduling, space/location, publicity, personnel, security, clean-up

- Estimated budget, including any advanced funds or sponsorship requested from the OLL.

- Any entry fee or other cost for OLL members/nonmembers

- Proposed distribution of any revenue generated


In the proposal the Coordinator must agree to a) initiate contact and coordinate with relevant OLL committees, volunteers and/or personnel to ensure the smooth operation of the event, and b) submit a short report of the event to the Board after the event has occurred.


  1. The OLL Board will approve or disapprove the application or request additional information. Upon approval, depending on the OLL resources involved, the Board Secretary will:

  • Confirm Board approval to the event’s coordinator,

  • Provide the coordinator with the appropriate contact information for each OLL resource involved in the event, and 

  • Send an email to those persons as well as the paid staff with brief information about the event, that it has been approved by the Board, and the event coordinator’s contact information.


5. After the event, the event coordinator will submit a short, written report within two weeks to the Board Secretary, who will keep reports from special events in a notebook or file for future reference at the OLL. It should include: 

- Brief description of the event (e.g., problems encountered, how many people attended, ratings by participants, if any)

- Overall cost/revenue generated.

- Recommendations, if any, for future similar events.  


Information for OLL Special Event Coordinators: Typical Timelines and OLL Resources


  1. Timelines. Here are some typical timelines to keep in mind as you plan a special event. Based on these guidelines, we suggest planning a special event at least two full months in advance.  


  1. Board approval – The OLL Board generally meets every month on the second Thursday.  Submit your proposal at least one week before the meeting so the Secretary can email the proposal to members for review before making a decision at the meeting.


  1. E-blast (OLL’s weekly email newsletter) items must be submitted by Saturday in order to go out on the following Monday of each week.  Note that during the summer months the e-blast is sent every two weeks.


  1. Registration for events is managed through the online store on the OLL website. An event must be submitted at least one week in advance before appearing on the store.


  1. For purchases made with OLL funds, a purchase order needs to be prepared that contains a name of the event and what items need to be purchased. It should include an estimate of the individual item prices and a suggestion for the suppliers. This is submitted to the Office Manager. The time for this process varies depending on the type of purchase and the selected venders.


  1. Once your proposal has been approved, the Secretary will provide you with names and contact information for the resources you’ve specified in your proposal. 

- It’s up to you to coordinate your event with these people, who could be a combination of volunteers or paid staff. 

  • You may need to use resources that are managed by a volunteer committee.  Note that committees typically meet just once a month. 


  1. Common OLL resources and/or positions typically involved with special events. Note that most of these functions are handled by volunteers.

    1. Publicity: eblast newsletter, posters, OLL website

    2. Volunteer Coordinator (e.g. operation of the café, sales at the event, poster distribution)

    3. Office manager (e.g. purchases, information about previously used vendors)

    4. Event Committee (e.g. space set-up, audiovisual equipment/operation, check-in)

    5. Board Treasurer (purchase order if needed for disbursement of funds, documentation and payment of any taxes due as a result of the event).

    6. Cleanup (e.g., distribution or storage of leftover supplies/materials, garbage disposal, returning furniture to normal layout)

    7. Security (e.g. access to building and locking up after event)



  1. Common Venues, Vendors, Process 




Venues other than the OLL


Chair/Table/Other rentals


Purchase Process

Adriana (assuming budget approved by Board)

AV Equipment (sound, music, projection, etc.)

Events Committee

Main Salon set up (for lecture or workshop)

Events Committee

E-blast, website, Facebook pages and online store

Tanya Lapierre & Joan Harmon


If graphics/design assistance is desired, Joan Harmon

For printing, refer to purchase process and use Digital Espagna next door to OLL*

Transportation (van or bus)

Nic Garcia


951.502.8566 (casa)

951.180.4762 (cell)


Larger Purchases 

Sam’s Club


Building Access 

After hours, Sundays and holidays need special arrangements; speak with Adriana

Use of Space - Parcels & Packages

Oaxaca Lending Library

Use of Space Policy B – Parcels & Packages September 2019 **FINAL**

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to support volunteers and staff in providing a service to the OLL community within established and clear guidelines. The policy intent is to ensure the OLL community is aware of the membership benefit and be transparent regarding responsibilities of all parties (staff and member).


The Oaxaca Lending Library can be used as a pick up or drop off address/location for:

- External deliveries (Amazon, DHL, etc.)

- Person to Person exchanges of goods (leaving something at the Circulation Desk for someone else to collect) Guidelines:

- External deliveries must be in the name of the member receiving the delivery

- The OLL staff and volunteers are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced goods

- This service is available only to active members of the OLL

- For person to person exchanges of goods, at least one person must be an OLL member

- Space is limited, be cognizant of this when using the OLL for this service

- Take all garbage away with you. OLL pays for garbage removal by quantity. Failure to take your packaging away will result in either a fine or the termination of this membership privilege.

- The maximum time for holding goods at the OLL is two weeks. After two weeks, the item will be donated to the OLL Bazaar. Staff or a volunteer will endeavor to contact the member close to the two week date as a reminder.

- Packages must clearly indicate name(s), which person is the member, and the date the package was left to assist staff and volunteers track and sort items. A “packing slip” can be provided by the Circulation Desk if needed.


Questions related to this policy can be addressed to the Library Manager

Event Refund Policy

Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL)

Refund and Cancelation Policy for All Events & Programming

Date last revised: August 6, 2018


This policy applies for events booked online and via the circulation desk. 

  • Cancelations made 7 days before a day event will be refunded in full. 

  • Cancelations made 10 days before a multi-day/overnight/weekend event will be refunded in full.

  • You may request your refund or cancelation at the circulation desk or by online by requesting a cancelation via email at: store.oaxlibrary@gmail.com or using the online form.

  • Events booked through PayPal will be processed through the online system and may take up to 7 business days to process. o Circulation desk bookings will be refunded in cash, in pesos.

  • You can cancel an online booking at the circulation desk by providing your email address to the staff, along with your order details.

  • Please also ensure to cancel any free event you have booked to allow for space for other interested community members.

  • We encourage you to cancel your booking at all times, even if you are later than the 7 day refund period, to allow for others in the community to attend the event.

Covid Policy

January 16, 2022 

OLL Policy on meeting and social gatherings, in effect until further notice 

Given the increasing presence of the extremely contagious COVID variant in Oaxaca, the OLL Board has adopted the following policy, designed to allow safe gathering while postponing some events with more potential for transmission. 

A. AT THE OLL (see page 2 for precautions for activities outside the OLL) 

1. Overall: 

a. In accordance with current OLL health guidelines, masks must be worn at all times, and those entering the library must use hand gel. 

b. All meetings and social gatherings will be conducted on the Terrace, where open air circulation reduces the chance of disease transmission. 

2. Learning/Lecture events will continue with these requirements: 

a. Audience is limited to a maximum of 40 people, with as many as two speaker’s guest and up to five event volunteers. 

b. Masks must be worn at all times. The main speaker/s may remove their mask while speaking although they must maintain a 5-foot distance from the audience while doing so. They must reapply the mask when they are finished speaking. 

c. If a microphone is passed around for questions, speakers must keep their mask on to avoid contaminating people around the speaker. Alcohol wipes will be used on the microphone after each person has held or spoken through it. 

d. Seating must be socially distanced with people not allowed to move chairs. Volunteers must politely enforce social distance and masking. 

e. People must be encouraged to avoid close social contact before and after the event and must continue to wear a mask while on OLL or LPP property. 

3. Large social gatherings are postponed to a later time. 

4. Social or business meetings (typically fewer than 15 people), e.g. intercambios, bridge, knitting, dominos, etc., as well as Board and committees, will continue to meet in person with these requirements: a. Masks must be worn by everyone throughout the meeting and while on OLL property. A main speaker may remove their mask while leading a meeting. 

b. There must be at least two feet between chairs and rows (if any), and three feet between people facing each other.