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Archiving the Pandemic in Oaxaca: How will this time be remembered?

A Project of the Oaxaca Lending Library

Call for Submissions - May 20, 2020


Calling all members and friends of the Oaxaca Lending Library. Be you here, there, or anywhere, we are requesting your assistance in documenting the Covid-19 pandemic as it relates to Oaxaca.


A committee has been formed, we have met via Zoom, and have expanded the scope of this project to include more than just photographs. We are looking for:


Stories in prose or verse re your experience - Adapting to physical distancing, mask-wearing, business closures in Oaxaca; helping Oaxacans from here and from afar, trials and tribulations of returning to your home country from Oaxaca as the pandemic unfolded, thoughts about returning to Oaxaca, etc. You get the idea!


Photographs of or related to Oaxaca - Signs, a social-distancing encounter, your family living under different circumstances, empty streets, your mask, masks you are sending to Oaxaca, your artwork, etc.  Limit 3 submissions per person Each image should be high resolution. Please also include:

  • Date each photo taken.

  • Location of each photo (e.g. a neighborhood, street).

  • A short title for each photo (e.g. An Abandoned Downtown, Our Family Under Stress, My Overstocked Pantry).

  • Paragraph f(no more than 150 words) describing why you chose that photo.

  • Name of photographer (or anonymous, if you so choose).


Video - Limit 1 minute per video and 1 video per person.

  • Date video was filmed.

  • Location (e.g. neighborhood, street, market).

  • Title of video (e.g. Interview With my Significant Other, Empty Streets, Masked & Anonymous)

  • Paragraph (no more than 150 words) describing why you made the video,

  • Name of videographer (or anonymous, if you so choose)


Please email your contribution(s) to: Newsletter@oaxlibrary.org with the subject line Submission: Pandemic Archive.


Deadline to be determined.

Here are some ideas already submitted.


The OLL is building a public archive of our collective experience. Please evaluate your privacy needs before you send us your content. Your content may appear on our website, in our social media, in exhibitions, and in formats and channels we can't even imagine that will be available decades from now.

Meet Ups @ the OLL


Join us for this introduction presented by a full-time resident and member of OLL.



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Intro to Oaxaca

Weekly needle arts group to knit, crochet, embroider & kibbitz. Bring your own handwork of any type. 

Contact Jacki Gordon for more info.

Tuesdays @ 11

¡Crea y Comparte!

Improve your Spanish, help our Oaxacan friends and neighbors improve their English, and learn more about each other! 



Saturdays 10 to 12


Tuesdays: Chicago scoring with a change in partners every four hands. Come without a partner.
Fridays: Duplicate game. Come with a partner.

Information: Richard Louis



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Mexican Train Dominos every Thursday @ 11 on the terrace at OLL. 

Information: Madeleine Cranston


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