If you suspect you have COVID-19, call UIES (Unidad de Inteligencia Epidemiológica y Sanitaria) at 01 800 00 44 800.

OLL Temporarily Closed

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The OLL, the Community & COVID-19

Updated March 20, 2020


The Oaxaca Lending Library will be closed to patrons as of 7 pm Wednesday March 18 and continuing indefinitely.

The Board of Directors will meet virtually and frequently to     make appropriate decisions going forward. Staff will be paid throughout this period.

  • Late fees are suspended if you cannot return items you have now

  • You can return materials via the drop box slot in the Pino Suárez gate

  • Please do return books – especially if you are leaving the country

  • Do not order items to be delivered to the OLL. If you already ordered something, please track its progress and send an email to the OLL stating when you expect it to be delivered. We will try to have someone there to accept it.

  • Please check the OLL website and/or the Friends of the Oaxaca Lending Library Facebook page periodically for updates.

  • Send any suggestions and comments to   president@oaxlibrary.org

Please remember to check on friends and neighbors. Talk to each other via phone/Skype/WhatsApp phone/etc. We are a close-knit community and need to support each other as best we can. Stay and healthy. As my mom always said, “This too shall pass.”

OLL Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a living library and cultural center serving the English speaking community in Oaxaca while supporting and encouraging an interest in reading in the bilingual and Spanish speaking community of all ages. As such, we assist patrons and visitors in their pursuit of information, education, entertainment, and cultural understanding.

Meet Ups @ the OLL


Join us for this introduction presented by a full-time resident and member of OLL.



Mondays & Wednesdays @ 11

Intro to Oaxaca

Weekly needle arts group to knit, crochet, embroider & kibbitz. Bring your own handwork of any type. 

Contact Jacki Gordon for more info.

Tuesdays @ 11

¡Crea y Comparte!

Improve your Spanish, help our Oaxacan friends and neighbors improve their English, and learn more about each other! 



Saturdays 10 to 12


Tuesdays: Chicago scoring with a change in partners every four hands. Come without a partner.
Fridays: Duplicate game. Come with a partner.

Information: Richard Louis



Tuesdays & Fridays @ 1


Mexican Train Dominos every Thursday @ 11 on the terrace at OLL. 

Information: Madeleine Cranston


MX$10 for members

MX$20 for non-members

Thursdays @ 11


Pino Suarez 519

Oaxaca, Oax. Mexico 68000

(951) 518-7077


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