Library will Be Closed for Three Weeks

 The Oaxaca Lending Library will be closed beginning June 21 to July 12.


The construction project next door which will culminate in a small hotel, is at the phase where plumbing and electrical work, as well as the digging of a new cistern is at hand. Further, there will be a new surface on the walkway/concourse from the street.


Due to these projects there will be no access to the library. The good news is that the project is on its way to being concluded and the disruption, noise and inconvenience will soon be at an end.


Please come to the library up until Saturday, June 19 at 1:00pm to check out and return materials. The book drop outside the library will be inaccessible so there will be no overdue fines for the month of July.  For additional information or renewals please call 951 518 7077.


John Dumser - President OLL Board of Directors

Library  Reopening

Announced at the Board of Directors meeting on July 15.  The library is now open during the hours posted.


No reservation is necessary, but access is limited to 3 persons at a time with a 20 minute time limit.


—  Name, Title


Our mission is to be a living library and cultural center serving the English speaking community in Oaxaca while supporting and encouraging an interest in reading in the bilingual and Spanish speaking community of all ages. As such, we assist patrons and visitors in their pursuit of information, education, entertainment, and cultural understanding.




We are more than a Library; we are a Community.

We are a gateway to the World with access to Computers and WiFi. 


We are a meeting space for Discussion and Communtity Outreach.


And Yes! We are a library of books for adults & children, English & Spanish, audio books and DVD's.

The OLL Website

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