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Hours & Policies




Our regular weekly summer hours are as follows:

  • Monday: 10am - 6pm

  • Tuesday: 10am - 6 pm

  • Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

  • Thursday: 10am - 6pm

  • Friday: 10am - 6pm

  • Saturday: 10am - 1pm

  • Sunday: Closed

While we strive to maintain regular hours, these are subject to change as circumstances evolve. If you have any questions about hours, please call: (951) 518-7077. For closures due to Covid, please reference our pandemic policies.

We are closed the following days in 2023:

  • Saturday, 1 January - New Year's Day

  • Monday, 20 March - Benito Juárez's Birthday

  • Friday, 7 April - Good Friday

  • Saturday, 8 April - Holy Saturday

  • Monday, 1 May - Labor Day

  • Saturday, 16 September - Independence Day

  • Wednesday, 1 November - Day of the Dead

  • Thursday, 2 November - Day of the Dead 

  • Monday, 20 November - Revolution Day

  • Monday, 25 December - Christmas Day

Covid Restrictions

Covid Restrictions

The OLL has done its best to maintain a safe, stable environment throughout the entirety of the pandemic. In order to maintain our ability to operate throughout these challenging times, we ask that all visitors, members and employees observe and respect the following policies:​

  • Indoor mask usage is now optional under current Oaxacan policy, but we ask that you use discretion and encourage the use of masks.

  • Gatherings are limited in number of attendees to allow for safe spacing between people.

Please note that these policies are subject to change. We ask that you please respect our staff and volunteers as they remind patrons of these restrictions or advise them on new ones.


Statement of Civility

The Oaxaca Lending Library values civil and courteous behavior. A basic building block of our community is respectful and civil behavior toward one another, without regard for race or ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religion/spirituality/lack thereof, marital status, or physical ability.

In order to create and maintain a positive social and intellectual atmosphere within the OLL and at its various events, the Board of Directors has established a code of behavior and a guideline for civility.


Code of Behavior

  • While it is understood that disagreements will occasionally occur, those who access the library and attend its events should be free from incivility or harassment; as well as from insulting, disrespectful, or humiliating language/actions; and

  • The OLL staff, its board of directors, volunteers, and patrons who witness behavior that does not comply with the OLL Statement on Civility, will respectfully ask violators to continue their conversation outside of the library or library event.


Behavioral Guidelines for Civility

  • Speak in a respectful and civil manner, i.e., with attention to volume, tone, and word choice that is free from vulgarity, bigotry, hostility, oppression, and hatred; and

  • Respect the privacy of others, i.e., avoid malicious gossip or violation of privacy such as publicly sharing others’ health or financial issues.

Smoking Policy

The Library is a smoke free environment. The ban on smoking extends to the long drive leading into the library proper.

Pet Policy

Well-behaved dogs are permitted in the library. Owners must keep them on a leash and under control at all times. If you’d like to feed and water your dog while at the library, please bring in the dog’s own bowl. We’d be glad to save it for you in an area separate from human bowls.

Computer Usage Policy

We recognize that our computers and network are a valuable resource for many of our members and visitors and encourage anyone who needs them to access them. However, we ask that those who use our computers and network respect the following rules:

  • Our Wi-Fi is free and accessible to all, with signs posted around the library instructing users which network and password to use securely, however, users are advised to use discretion about what information they send across our network;

  • Please do not use our network to conduct illegal or inappropriate business; a good rule of thumb is if you would be embarrassed to be caught doing it, then don't do it; 

  • Use of the computers in our cluster is free; however, users must sign in and out at the front desk; and

  • There is no set time limit on how long someone may use one of our computers, but please exercise good judgment—if others are waiting to use the computer, please expedite your business.

Collection Development Policy

Goals of Collection Development Policy

The goal of this policy is to guide collection and withdrawal selections of the library in order to ensure a diverse collection of materials for all age groups based on the community we serve.


Under the direction of the Library Board of Directors, the library book committee will work with other volunteers and key staff to carry out the policy outlined here.

General Principles

  1.  Library Bill of Rights: Basic to this policy is the library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association. The bill of rights affirms that all libraries are repositories for information and ideas, and that all points of view on current and historical issues are presented within the limits of funding.

  2.  Links to Other Libraries: Given our limited space and budget, we encourage links to local specialty libraries and electronic resources to augment our collection to further our patrons’ rights to access.

  3.  Collection Criteria: Recognizing we cannot meet all needs; the following criteria are used to aid selection and withdrawal of materials:

    • What We Collect

      • · Popular interest

      • · Local importance

      • · Cost and availability

      • · Accuracy and currency of information

      • · Relationship to existing materials in the collection

      • · Attention of critics and reviewers

      • · Patron demand

      • · Format and ease of use

      • · Readability or ability to sustain interest

      • · Historical value

      • · Filling in a holes in popular series​

    • What we don't collect

      • Text Books, with the exception of Spanish and English language learning​

      • Workbooks or curriculur materals

      • Music

      • Religious materials, with the exception of key text in the major religions of the world

  4. Withdrawal of Materials:  Maintenance of the collection is a process of routine re-evaluation to ensure usefulness and relevancy of materials to our patrons. Replacement is not automantic. Withdrawals, and donations that cannot be added to the collections, are first offered for sale to the public. If not purchased in a timely manner, unsold books are then offered free to the public.

       Evaluation criteria for withdrawal include:

  • ​Obsolescence: subject matters is not longer timely, accurate, or relevant

  • Damage or poor condition

  • Insufficient use

  • Redundancy in the collection

  • Space limitations


The library material purchase budget is limited. We welcome donated materials and targeted gifts from benefactors. Our Policy regarding collection gifts include:

  • Retaining sole ownership of all gifts

  • Deciding on the use or disposition of the gift to best meet our general collection principles

  • Reserving the right to decide on the conditions of display, housing and access to the materials.

Responsibility for children's reading habits

The selection of materials for the adult collection is not restricted by the possiblity that children may obtain them. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the selection of reading materials and electronic viewing habits of the children.


DVD Collection Development Policy

Approved by the Book Committee - December 7, 2022

Recognizing that 99.9% of the Oaxaca Lending Library’s DVD collection comes from donations, the goal of this policy is to meet the entertainment and ‪informational needs of the Oaxaca Lending Library’s community within the limited space available for the collection.


Criteria for adding DVDs to the library’s Main DVD collection:


  • Movies made within the the last 10 years with a minimum score of 6 on or professionally reviewed sources and the discretion of the Library staff

  • Documentaries made within the last 10 years using the above criteria

  • TV series made within the last 10 years using the above criteria

  • Films/documentaries with content about Mexico (especially Oaxaca) at the discretion of the library staff

  • Award winning films in English or Spanish

  • Classic films (check American Film Institute list)


Criteria for adding DVDs to the library’s Children’s DVD collection


  • Films, TV shows, educational videos in English or Spanish designed to serve the recreational and educational needs of children.


DVDs we do not collect


  • Bootlegged DVDs

  • Blue Ray format

  • Compilations (2 or more films on the same disk)

  • DVDs already deleted from the collection that have been re-donated to the collection

  • Instructional/lecture videos

  • Concerts and opera videos


DVD Weeding


  • ‪DVD has not ‪circulated in five years or more (although an entire run of a television ‪series or all parts of a multi-part film series should remain intact if parts of ‪the series are still circulating)

  • ‪Their condition makes it difficult to view

Use of Facility

In keeping with the Oaxacan Lending Library´s goal of fostering a sense of community in a welcoming environment, spaces in the OLL are available for use by community and non-profit groups and clubs for informational, educational, cultural and entertainment gatherings and programs when not needed for library purposes.


Use is granted on equal terms to all, provided that the group complies with the policy guidelines as stated. The OLL reserves the right to deny use based on the availability of space, staff coverage, and frequency of use. Requests for use are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the following procedures and guidelines:

  • Meeting areas are available during the library’s regular service hours.

  • Private social events (parties, bridal showers, weddings) are not permitted.

  • The OLL does not supply any materials for meetings.

  • All persons attending meetings are subject to the Oaxaca Lending Library Statement on Civility.

  • For each meeting or program, participants are requested to make a 20 peso per person donation to the OLL to defray the costs of the use of the space.

  • If the organization or group pays for an instructor/facilitator, that fee is the group’s responsibility, separate from the 20 peso per person requested donation to the OLL.

  • Fees will only be waived by the authority of the President of the OLL.

  • Information about the meeting/event will be available in the regular OLL update if there is sufficient advance notice.

  • Children and Minors must be supervised at all times by the adult(s) responsible for the room/area reservation.

  • Tables and chairs may be rearranged for meetings, but the area/ space must be returned to its original condition afterwards. The area will be swept and excessive rubbish must be removed from the OLL.

  • The OLL is not responsible for damage or loss of property of meeting organizers or their attendees.

  • If there is any damage to any room or equipment that necessitates professional cleaning or repairs, the group members/participants will be held responsible for all associated costs.

Use of Space - Main Salon & Terrace

The OLL offers space for individuals and community organizations who wish to provide a forum for activities in line with the Library Mission Statement.

Any request for the use of OLL space for a non-OLL sponsored event must:

  • Not interfere with an already existing activity

  • Clearly outline how it aligns with the Mission Statement

  • Must be sponsored by a Board member

  • Must not be a for-profit endeavor

  • Have a written Use of Space agreement

  • Be included on the OLL Calendar of Events

  • Not require the purchase or rental of special equipment to accommodate the activity Policy Guidelines


1. ​The Library always has first priority to schedule use of the facilities. ​In general, we offer the use of our space for any group or purpose that does not interfere with library business and does not inherently express, support or endorse a particular religious or political point of view. Approval for the use of our space is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

2. Programs that advocate religious or political views are not allowed.


3. Use of the library space does not constitute library endorsement of the philosophies, practices or viewpoints of the meeting participants. i. Individuals or groups using the space must use and clearly display the following statement in all publicity for their event: “This event is not sponsored by the Oaxaca Lending Library.”


4. Attendance at programs held in the Library’s spaces are limited as follows: i. i. Main salon: 52 people seated in auditorium style or 100 people standing. ii. Terrace to the north of the staircase: 32 seated at tables iii.Terrace to the south of the staircase: 24 seated at tables iv.Terrace by the Libros Para Pueblos office: 40 people seated at tables v. 100 people standing for the whole terrace. For any activity where participants will not be seated at tables, auditorium style or standing, please outline the maximum number of participants in the individual Use of Space Agreement considering evacuation and safety concerns.

Procedures for Special Events

An OLL “Special Event” is typically a single event not included in the OLL’s regular schedule but that uses one or more resources of the OLL.


It may be repeated over time; for example, the OLL has hosted an annual boutique for the past several years. In the past special events have included, but are not necessarily limited to: fund-raising bazaars and boutiques, other types of fundraisers, expos, as well as recognition and social events.


A special event may be proposed by any OLL member. It must meet the same criteria as any other OLL event or sponsored activity, i.e. it is in accordance with the mission statement of the OLL. It must be approved by the Board in advance of any OLL resources used.


In order to be considered for approval, a proposal for a special event must be submitted to the Board at least one week before its next regular meeting and include the following information:

  • Purpose and description of the event, as well as the targeted audience

  • Coordinator of the event, including email and phone

  • Library resources planned/needed, e.g. finance, scheduling, space/ location, publicity, personnel, security, clean-up

  • Estimated budget, including any advanced funds or sponsorship requested from the OLL.

  • Any entry fee or other cost for OLL members/nonmembers

Parcels & Packages

The purpose of this policy is to support volunteers and staff in providing a service to the OLL community within established and clear guidelines. The policy intent is to ensure the OLL community is aware of the membership benefit and be transparent regarding responsibilities of all parties (staff and member).


The Oaxaca Lending Library can be used as a pick-up or drop-off address or location for:

  • External deliveries (Amazon, DHL, etc.)

  • Person-to-person exchanges of goods (leaving something at the Circulation Desk for someone else to collect) Guidelines

  • External deliveries must bbe in the name of the member receiving the delivery

  • The OLL staff and volunteers are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced goods

  • This service is available only to active members of the OLL 

  • For person-to-person exchanges of goods, at least one person must be an OLL member

Statement of Civility
Smoking / Pets
Computer Usage
Collection Development
Use of Space
Packages / Parcels
DVD Collection
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