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Hikes - Hoofing it
in Oaxaca

Guided hikes (Hoofing it in Oaxaca) are offered from November through March affording participants a chance to get out into the countryside for some fresh air and exercise and to see things they might not otherwise have a chance to enjoy. Transportation to and from the trail head is included in the ticketing fee.

The program features a variety of day hikes in the Oaxaca Valley and in the surrounding mountains. There are also a number of special weekend overnight trips to ecotourism camps in the Sierra Norte.

Advance reservations are required and can be made in person at the Oaxaca Lending Library circulation desk or online by clicking the button next to the hike you are interested in below.

Hikes will be available for reservation and purchase starting 30 days prior to the hike.

Masking is required while in the van providing transportation to the trail head. You will be presented an opportunity to review all policies related to the event prior to making your purchase. 

If you are not yet subscribed to receive Hoofing in Oaxaca updates, when you sign up for a hike, you will be added to the mailing list for upcoming hike information. You will have the opportunity when you receive your first mailing to update your OLL mailing preferences or unsubscribe from all OLL mailings.

Hike participants will rendezvous at the handicap parking space on the southeast corner of Llano Park (corner of Pino Suarez and Dr. Liceaga) at 8:45 AM to check in and board vans for a 9 o’clock departure.


Unclaimed seats may be re-sold at boarding time.

To view a listing of events you have signed up for download the "Spaces by Wix" app.


Learn more at Hoofing It's website.

Click here to see our events refund policy

No upcoming events at the moment

The OLL is looking for additional volunteers for the Hoofing it in Oaxaca program for the upcoming 2022/2023 season. Feel free to contact Larry Ginzkey, at  for more information about volunteering: 

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