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Loose in the World, Poems by Henry Rappaport

Loose in the World mediates and questions, dances and sings. In these wise and lyrical poems, each small human gesture carries the enormity of the “felt” world.” –Jen Currin, author of The Inquisition Yours.  Available from your favorite bookstore or online vendor.

Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems, by M.W. Jacobs, 2012
Tens of thousands of rock bands desperate for attention have created over the decades some remarkable names, and here are only a few hundred of the very best from tens of thousands collected throughout the English-speaking world. Available online and in the OLL library.
Poems, by Ramón López Velarde, 2014, translated by M.W. Jacobs

This joint publication by Berkeley and Floricanto presses is the most accurate English translation of the Mexican national poet. Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda said López Velarde “the essential and supreme poet of our extensive Americas.” Translated in Oaxaca with the help of Oaxaqueños. Available online and in the OLL library.

A Perfect Throw, by Robert Joe Stout, Aldrich Press, 2013
From the machismo of Mexican ballplayers to portrait of marriage to an 1880s Nevada mining town these poems portray tenderness and treachery, loyalty and betrayal, love and loss, the full range of human emotions that proves there is no such thing as ordinary life. Available from online vendors.
Monkey Screams, by Robert Joe Stout, FutureCycle Press, 2015

Monkey Screams thrusts the horrors, the idiosyncrasies, the fallacies of the War in Vietnam into the vividly personal reactions of participants whose fears, accomplishments and shame burst forth in descriptions that surpass journalism or propaganda. Other sections include poems about life in small town U.S.A. and in Oaxaca. Available as paperback and ebook from online vendors.

Sly on Wry / Smokehouse / Reluctant Poet, by Gil Colgate
“You are likely to find yourself reading these poems over and over again. For something more lurks under the wit and whimsy of their wry exterior,” says writer and playwright Kurt Hackbarth. “His poetry is a delight. Intelligent, witty and urbane. But also questioning, ruminative and exploratory; the complete expression of a roaming, romping mind.”  Available at the Oaxaca Lending Library and online vendors.
Gill Books
Committing Poetry, by Gil Colgate
 “Colgate’s poetic voice is flat, unillusioned and often very funny, says one critic. “The voice of a man who eyes contemporary life and literature with dismay, but accepts no dubious substitutes.” Says another: “The accessibility and surface simplicity of his poetry masks a complexity and a profound understanding as to how our universe and we who inhabit it relate.”  Available at the Oaxaca Lending Library and online vendors.
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