The Wish List

If you are coming from the US and can carry books down for us, please contact David Myler . We need one month’s notice to allow for shipping items to you.  Donations always appreciated!

List Updated March 12, 2022


Bill Culmer 

David & Mila Raphael 

Lissa Waite 

Gail Ament 

Liz Renn 

Carolina and Stuart Carter 

Jo Ann Wexler & Robert Adler 

Karen & Stuart Carter 

Stephen A. Kowalewski & Jacki Saindon Verna Mumby & Jennifer Strong 

Fay Henderson Diaz 

Dan Walsh 

Kathleen “Kay” Burch 

Enaj & Phil Schlak 

Dora Hartnett


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The Book Committee of the Library is especially interested in  adding the following Young Adult genres. Any contributions from  these genre will be appreciated. 




The Devil's Half Acre: The Untold Story of How One Woman Liberated the South's Most  Notorious Slave Jail, Kristen Green 

We Don't Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland, Fintan O'Toole 


A Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams, Michael Pollan 

Conquistadores: A New History of Spanish Discovery and Conquest, Fernando Cervantes 

Slavery’s Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development, Sven Beckert and Seth Rockman 

Living, Learning & Languaging Across Borders!, Tatyana Klein, photographs by Tim  Porter 

Peril, Bob Woodward & Robert Costa 

The Great Dissenter: The Story of John Marshall Harlan, America's Judicial Hero, Peter  S. Canellos 

Going All City: Struggle and Survival in LA's Graffiti Subculture, Stefano Bloch


Socialist Manifesto: the Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality,  Bhaskar Sunkara 

Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money, Zephyr  Teachout 

Grounded: A Senator's Lessons on Winning Back Rural America, Jon Tester  New World of Indigenous Resistance, Noam Chomsky, et al

The Precipice: Neoliberalism, the Pandemic and the Urgent Need for Social Change,  Noam Chomsky, C.J. Polychroni 

Migration From the Mexican Mixteca: A Transnational Community in Oaxaca and  California, Wayne A. Cornelius 


Em: A Novel, Kim Thuy (Author), Sheila Fischman (Translator) 

Miss Benson's Beetle: A Novel, Rachel Joyce 


Troubled Sleep: Jean-Paul Sartre 

American War: Omar El Akkad 

What Strange Paradise: Omar El Akkad


Claudia Piñeiro…Any of her mysteries in English 

On the Other Hand, Death, Richard Stevenson (or any other of his mysteries)


Give unto Others (Commissario Brunetti Book 31), Donna Leon